Broadcasting to multiple clientsΒΆ


The complete example can be found

The encoded result is routed to the client according to its identity. If you have multiple clients with same identity, then they all receive the results! You can use this multicast feature to do some cool things, e.g. training multiple different models (some using scikit-learn some using tensorflow) in multiple separated processes while only call BertServer once. In the example below, bc and its two clones will all receive encoded vector.

# clone a client by reusing the identity
def client_clone(id, idx):
    bc = BertClient(identity=id)
    for j in bc.listen():
        print('clone-client-%d: received %d x %d' % (idx, j.shape[0], j.shape[1]))

bc = BertClient()
# start two cloned clients sharing the same identity as bc
for j in range(2):
    threading.Thread(target=client_clone, args=(bc.identity, j)).start()

for _ in range(3):